Van Zyl's Hall
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Van Zyl's Hall is dominated by the giant Organ Pipes, a spectacular dripstone/flowstone combination. Your eyes are drawn to a tall, slender stalagmite which rises nearly 10 metres towards the ceiling - Cleopatra's Needle. Still active and growing, the Needle is estimated to be in excess of 150 000 years old.

Near the base of the staircase stands an impressive formation known as The Pulpit of a Great Cathedral, replete with angel's wings, sculptured by nature's own chisel. At the base of this formation imaginative eyes may make out the shape of The Kneeling Camel, against the side of which nature's artist has left an unusual stain known as The Moses Figure. It represents the biblical Moses, dressed in a flowing, brown robe, his arms outstretched in blessing.

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90 metres long
50 metres wide
between 14 and 18 metres high
Formation some 500 000 years old
13 metres high
250 000 years old
Route 62 Info
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